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Welcome to Tax Redux. We lower property taxes for commercial property owners by reducing and correcting their real property tax assessments. One-third of commercial properties are over-assessed, many heavily.

Manufacturers, credit unions, restaurateurs, innkeepers, warehousemen, fast-food franchisees, merchants, landlords, dealers, banks, farmers, mall operators and other owners of commercial property lose thousands of dollars every year because assessors make mistakes. 

Tax Redux offers a complete property tax reduction service. When you contact us we determine what your assessment should be and calculate anticipated annual savings.  When you engage us we prepare and file with the appropriate officials challenges with supporting documentation. We arrange for appeals.  We collect tax refunds and forward them to you.

We win by negotiation and appeal. Our fee is contingent and payable when your case is settled and you have received your refunds.

a Albany Apartments - 29% Reduction - $6,500 Annual Savings • Albany Truck Rental - 50% Reduction - $14,442 Annual Savings • Bruswick Farm - 30% Reduction - $9,764 Annual Savings

Tax Redux is a registered service name of Mandrake Corporation - Property Tax Reduction Specialists